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New St Paul Head Start Received
The Program of Excellence Accreditation for

Funded By the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Having fun at NEW ST. PAUL Head Start!

Active learning is the cornerstone of the High Scope approach. Play is the way children learn. In an active learning setting children choose activities and materials that interest them, manipulate materials in their own ways, use language to describe their intentions and actions, and receive adult support during their play.
we are here to help children succeed

Program Services

NSPHS utilize the High Scope Curriculum, whose foundation is built on active learning across developmental domains.

We believe that children learn through play

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New St Paul Head Start Agency Inc.  Is proud to partner with the Great Start Readiness Program in New St. Paul locations to provide blended GSRP/Head Start classrooms. Developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education. New St Paul Head Start has 7 GSRP classrooms. 

We believe that children learn from adults and other children in the classroom because they:

We believe that children learn through play because:

It encourages active involvement and interest in the activities. The classroom is set up with materials to promote this learning.