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Parent Volunteers


New St Paul welcomes volunteers!

Volunteer‘s can be parents or other‘s who are interested in working with children and families. We can always have parents to volunteer in the classroom, assisting in meals and other areas throughout the head start program. Volunteers have value and impact the program in a positive way. Part of the agency’s requirement is to match a percentage of federal dollars and volunteering is one way we do it. Although volunteers are not paid, they achieve value in their work.

Volunteer Roles & Requirements

The role of a volunteer at Early/Head Start have can impact a child’s life. Volunteers will be trained on their role and responsibility when working in the program. Your cooperation and participation is appreciated. Any person who is 18 years and older can volunteer, they would need to complete an application and obtain, TB Test, Police clearance and Department of Health Human Services clearance (FIA).

Getting Started

Ways to volunteer: providing a helping hand at different times of the day, share in activities, i.e., field trips, setting up for different trainings and assist in special projects.

Parent Committee is a way a parent can volunteer. You must have a child enrolled in the program. They also have the opportunity to earn a CDA and further their learning in education.