KOMIKO: “Helping Children Grow”

KOMIKO: "Helping Children Grow"

“Not only can you move up, but they encourage you to move.”

“I always had a vision of being a teacher; I used to play teacher. I have an associate degree and I’m working on my bachelor’s degree in early childhood development at Oakland Community College. I’ll be done in December.

I love twos. They start to do all this problem-solving. You see them grow from 18 to 24 months, that’s when they learn the most. I read the book We’re Going on a Lion Hunt, and we go through the classroom and “go through the grass” and “go through the water.” Today, one of my kids was like “Miko! Elephant in water!” and made the sound we make in class. I’m like, wow, you’re really learning, just by me modeling the book.

In July, I will have been with Head Start two years. It’s a career choice I recommend. I have a parent right now that I’m encouraging her to get her CDA (Child Development Associate credential). Teaching at this age isn’t just about books, but it’s about the fundamentals of living.

Everyone is great here at New St. Paul Head Start, I love them—and they love me! Everyone is so happy, smiling, loving on each other. Not only can you move up, but they encourage you to move.

Not only do I love teaching toddlers, but I love their parents. I have one parent, every day he’ll write, ‘thank you, ladies,’ as he signs out. He said, ‘I just love you guys so much, and you guys are always happy and smiling.’ This is what we do, you know? And we love what we do.”

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