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Disability Services

Support & Inclusion

Our Early Childhood Services for children with differing abilities

New St. Paul is committed to providing high-quality services for children and encourages and welcomes enrollment of children with differing abilities. Supports inclusion which allows children to participate in a full array of activities in a natural setting with an integrated approach.

Our Service Team

The disabilities/mental health services team makes sure systems are in place to provide a full range of services to children with differing abilities from birth to five and their families. the services provided are based on the individual child and family needs. It is very important parents are involved in every step, this begins with valuable information shared during the initial enrollment process by the parent and their child’s doctor.

Several of our centers are accessible to meet the unique needs of children which allows accessibility for full inclusion of our children and their parents. In addition, provisions for comfort, safety, and participation are followed using pull-ups, potty chairs, medication cabinets, and more. Established procedures for individualized services such as diapering and medication administration are available in each classroom.

Meeting Individual Needs

Working Together For Success

Staff and parents work together with appropriate professionals such as speech therapists, social workers, nutritionists, and psychologists. all professionals ensure that children with differing abilities are provided the most successful experience appropriate to ensure successful school readiness outcomes.