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Child Health & Developmental Services

Up-To-date on a schedule of well childcare

The goal of Child Health and Developmental Services is that each child receives ongoing, continuous healthcare. The Health Services area is responsible for ensuring children enrolled in Early Head Start and Head Start are up to date on a schedule of well childcare. The schedule of well childcare is based on Michigan’s Early, Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment program (EPDST). The schedule of well-childcare visits corresponds to children’s development and age. Also, the well-child examinations include tests, screenings, and measurements based on children’s development and age. For more information regarding the well child examinations, you may refer to the following: 

Well Child Examinations

 For more information regarding the well child examinations, you may refer to the following:

All medical, dental, and immunization information is reviewed and tracked by each center’s Family Advocate. We need your cooperation and assistance in ensuring all children participating in the program are healthy. You can assist us by being vigilant in providing the requested health information to the Family Advocate.

Oral health is essential for the healthy growth and development of children. Brushing teeth regularly with fluoride and wiping the infant’s gums is important. Visiting a dentist twice a year beginning at age 1 is important. A dentist can help in the prevention of oral health diseases before they start. Children less than age 1 will need a dental screening, this can be completed by a dentist or a licensed medical provider. Children aged 1 and older will have an oral health examination twice a year. In addition, it is important to follow-up with a dentist, if your child is identified as needing additional dental services.

up-to-date immunizations

All children participating in Early Head Start and Head Start must have age-appropriate and up-to-date immunizations prior to their initial attendance. If you have any personal and or religious objections to your child having immunizations, a waiver must be completed and submitted to the agency before your child’s first day of school. Waivers are obtained from the Detroit Health Department. If there are any medical reasons why your child cannot have any immunizations, a medical contraindication form must be completed by a medical provider and submitted to the agency.


Good Nutrition Is Essential!

Nutrition is an important part of the services that Head Start provides because we recognize that without adequate nutrition, learning can be a challenge. Good nutrition is an essential part of supporting how well a child learns, grows and develops.  At Head Start we serve a variety of foods to broaden each child’s food experience. Meals provided are culturally and developmentally appropriate to meet the nutritional needs and feeding accommodation of each child, including children with special dietary needs and children with disabilities.

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