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Mental Health Services

identification of mental health concerns

mental health promotion & prevention

Early Head/Head Start programs are required to provide a broad spectrum of mental health services. The services include mental health promotion, prevention, early identification of mental health concerns, and referral for treatment for children and families.

Social & emotional development

New St. Paul head start has a strong commitment to promoting the mental health (social and emotional well-being) of young children and their families. Social and emotional development sets the foundation for all other areas of development and learning for young children. Children who are ready for school are children with strong social and emotional skills.

The Disabilities/Mental Health team nurtures the mental wellness of head start staff, parents, and children. New St. Paul secures an onsite mental health consultant to provide classroom and individual observation, behavioral improvement strategies, and provide an array external referral to address mental wellness.

Baby Blues / Postpartum Depression / Expecting Moms

maternal support/External referrals for expecting moms

New St. Paul Head Start provides maternal support/external referrals for pregnant moms is vital to the role of parenting. There are times moms experience the (baby blues) a form of depression during and after pregnancy. To find out more about our Expecting Mother Services please follow the link below.